Warzone Tower Defense Extended

There are several types of game modes: quick cash, default, accelerated play, etc. Decide what mode you want to play. Use the mouse to place the armor on the most beneficial locations to build a powerful line of defense. Select the armor by clicking and click on the field to set it. You are awarded with GamerGold for every killed enemy. You can use those credits for buying better types of weapons since the enemy`s upgrade their weapons, too. Pay attention to the weapon`s description: each tower is capable of destroying certain type of target. Use this knowledge while planning your strategy.
Welcome to Warzone, another tower defense game which is not less interesting than Sky Fortress and Bloons TD 5. As any strategy game, it demands planning and weighing up the situation otherwise the enemies will prevail over you. Do not underestimate the size of the approaching attacking things, they have much power to destroy your base. It would be that easy to build the line of defense if there is only one pathway to your tower but this is a tangled route! Have fun while cracking your brains over this absorbing logic game!
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