Even though there are many manipulations you should do during the game, but the only instrument you need is the mouse. There is a squad in the menu and the rows that divide a field into three lines. Choose what you thinks suit the situation the best. Mind your morale, it shouldn't be low, while in turn you should diminish your enemy's morale. Get more experience, it allows you to upgrade your weapons
The same as its prequel Warfare 1917, Warfare 1944 strategy game has a hook - a warlike spirit and wide fields that are good for both deploying your own war campaigns and again re-living those terrible events that left unforgettable scars in the hearts of many people. Again you have soldiers at one end and you are to move them horizontally to the other side of the screen. The background is high detailed what makes a game really engrossing. You will be fighting either among townscapes, fields or graveyards. Sounds are more than realistic, it turns your attention away from your aim and winning is not the main point but defending your men will surely be in the focus of your attention. This is a war game where warfare is not merely a background but the environment you are to assimilate into. Live the game and enjoy it!
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