You are offered a choice between custom battles and a campaign. Choose whatever you like, all the results will be saved so that you can continue your war at any time convenient to you. Take the British side and start the game. Build units and set them in a trench, then use a lever to set them out for a 'big push' in order to suppress your enemy. It's one of the tactics but you can use your own of course. Mind your morale level, it helps to weigh the situation and make some planning. Use support button to help you. There is a tip for you: Take defensive pose if your morale is getting low. In that case you kill more and lose fewer.
Can a war game be fantastic? Once you try Warfare 1917 you'll realize it can. This is not a strategy game of a unique idea but of realistic detalization and war like atmosphere of that period of history. World War games are quite rare and a good game is rather an exception. However, there is no need to look for one any further, better try Warfare 1917 by Armor Games. Like most strategy games this one has elements of puzzle games, too. You have to be a wise commander to get the idea of how to diminish enemy's morale and catch the territory. It's not that easy as you may think, even the first campaigns are rather challenging and demand a bit of practice. Thematically this game brings that terrible feeling of abrupt hollowness when you are to raise your army and fight for the next trench. You never know you'll win or lose.
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