W, A, S, D or ARROW keys to move Z and X keys to strafe SPACE to fire UPDATE: It`s made in AS3 so we couldn`t figure how to make a loader to it, so please be patient while it loads, it`s not going to show loading progress. Should be quick, it`s only 1.2 megs.
Take control of your ship and engage the enemy in this 3D shooter made in AS3 and papervision3d. This is a collaboration with our good friend Jan Rigerl. His 3D engine provides stunning visuals. I dropped my jaw when he demo:d this to me the first time. Sound by Daniel Beckman. We couldn`t tilt the landscape more because of performance issues. Hope you like it! As always, all constructive feedback and tips are most welcome. if you think this is cool we`d love to make more stuff in 3D. Tell us what you think.
File Size:
1.17 MB - support any browsers (online flash game), may need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Information on the Rights of the game listed in the game
Download flash game - Tevlon 3D - 1.17 MB
Downloading the game you agree to the license agreement

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