Use arrow keys to walk all directions. Jump from a platform to platform to complete the level. Mind the obstacles on Mario`s way. Keep in mind that the number of lives is limited.
Super Mario Forever is not a common flash game, it would be right to say that now it belongs to the category of timeless classic. This is a respectable veteran among platform games, but it doesn`t mean it gathers dust forgotten and abandoned. No way! It is even more entertaining than ever either bringing good memories to older player or amusing the younger ones. If you miss the times of your youth there is a nice chance to refresh your memories. Little thing you need, just download Super Mario Forever game to feel the nostalgic atmosphere again. You`ll be impressed with the sounds and music which are authentic. The gameplay is smooth and there is a huge number of levels to entertain you. This is it, Super Mario looks and sounds like a real deal! This is a downloadable free game, it means it should be set up to your computer or PC. It will take some time but the fun you'll get is much more long-lasting.
This free game is provided by Media Contact LLC, you can download it from the developer website - gametop.com, the terms of distribution and license agreement can be found here.
The game only supports the operating systems Windows. When installing the game will offer you to install to your browser home page - GameTop.com, but you can choose not to do this, simply remove this checkbox.
The game is not demanding of computer resources.
File Size:
18.39 MB - support Windows OS
Download game - Super Mario - 18.39 MB
Downloading the game you agree to the license agreement

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