Mouse click on a Little Stick to choose the type that is most beneficial under current conditions. Adjust power to shoot neatly. Little Sticks are various: it can be a digger, or a frozen man, or a bomb thrower. Their number is limited so use them wisely. It`s better to get to know more about each type to use them correctly, otherwise you may be confused on making a right choice. There is life level under each Stick Giant so that you can see who`s winning. Use arrow keys to move your Giant. Good luck!
Stick Bang game is a war game where there are two Giant Sticks fighting with each other, but if a war can be considered as a "good thing" it could be only in Stick Bang arcade game. With quite funny interface and graphics, it is a very interesting game where your only aspiration should be to defeat your opponent. Is that hard? It depends on your fighting skills actually, but with those weird "weapons" you`ve got there it`s not that easy to win. Here you are availed with a large range of weapons - little poor things you can hit, crush, throw and use at your discretion. It sounds like instead of torn bodies found everywhere during a common war game, there are bodies you should throw. It`s true! The game is very dynamic and lively even though a bit unexpected. However music is too cheerful for the game of such war genre. On the one hand, it makes the game less cruel, but on th other it doesn`t promote a war-like mood. You can either download this game to your computer or try to play it online. But be careful, it can be an addicting fun!
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