Star Relic is a turn-based tactics game where players have to defeat their opponents using different units and skills. The game is played like any other turn-based game - players create units, move them around the board, attack enemy units and so on.\r\n\r\nIn Star Relic, it`s pretty similar - players warp-in their fleets through special units called Warp Gates and the goal is to destroy the enemy`s Gate.\r\n\r\nBut that`s not all. The board rotates with every turn clockwise. Since it is made by different layers (`orbits`), the board changes dynamically throughout the game, forcing the players to adapt and analyze how the board will look like in future turns.\r\n\r\nThe game has 2 modes:\r\n\r\nStory Mode - 3 different campaigns (one for each of the game`s races), with 9 missions each, 30 different skills and a developing story.\r\nSingle Battle - Play against a friend in hotseat or against the CPU.\r\n\r\nFur further instruction check out the in-game tutorial.
A turn-based tactics game - 3 races wage war over the sacred Star Relic. 3 campaigns, 3 different races, 16 unique units, different skills, and a unique, never seen before tactical mechanic.
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4.85 MB - support any browsers (online flash game), may need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Information on the Rights of the game listed in the game
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