The gameplay of Sky Fortress is very absorbing. As most of Strategy games, the success of your Sky Fortress depends on deliberate planning and management of game tactics. Military strategies involve the proper distribution of resources, Sky Fortress in no exception. You decide what weapon you need and what's the best position for it. Think, plan ans arrange guns - this is the formula of success which is to help you win the game and top the list of players.
There is a "How to Play" section where you can read the instructions, however with this game practice is the best teacher. It`s rather hard to understand how it works until you try but we hope it would be easier after reading this section. There are three difficulty levels depending on the number of attacks your fortress will get: normal, hard and impossible. It`s advisable to start with an easy one, for this choose an easy fortress design to start the game. Pay attention to the left section: there is a kind of a map with a wide arsenal of weapons available each at a definite time of the game, actually depending on the amount of money you have. Weapons cost money, the amount of which you can see under the map (coins button). Buy what you can and place it in the fortress. You are paid for every enemy you hit but don`t worry if you miss - there is a 'house' icon that shows the number of robots you are allowed to miss. The game ends when you let all those enemies go past. There is a start attack button, press it when you are ready. In a green section above you can see whom you'll be attacked by. The red button stands for "Sell", use it only when you want to dismiss/replace a gun. Keep in mind, you sell it cheaper than you buy so you are in the bank. Thus, think twice before placing a weapon. You can't control firing frequency here that is why the arrangement of the weapons is the most important aspect. Good luck!
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