Sandcastle ancient invasion

Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Click and hold left button to adjust power. Click spacebar to cancel your shot if you are not sure. There is a bell ring notifying you when time is running out. Be quick, there is no a restart option so you`ll have to start the game from the very beginning.
Ancient Invasion was created by Armor games known for their incredible shooter games Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944. So if you ever played those two and found them engrossing, you have to try Sandcastle: Ancient Invasion for new experience. But if you haven`t played any of Warfare series, you`d better make up leeway. Speaking about Sandcastle, this is an interesting tower defense game with elements of shooter where you are to destroy the attacking ships by cannoning them from the shore. You`ve got a simple cannon but can buy better and better types of them after you have enough coins. Each time you sink a ship you are paid for it, so more ships destroyed more money you have. There is a war-like music that complements the atmosphere of the battle. Don`t forget, this is a tactical game where good strategy is half the battle.
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