Puzzle games have little instructions as far as you should guess yourself what to do next. Shooting games presuppose you should fire to eliminate foes. Since Roly-Poly Cannnon 2 game is a mixture of both, little can be said as for instructions. There is a cannon and a hunting sight target, move it to hit the target. In order to make your shot more forceful, move the mouse further from the cannon. One more rule you should be aware of: don't hit friendly Roly-Polys otherwise you'll be scored 10 penalty shots.
You've got a cannon at your disposal, unlimited number of cannonballs and bad guys named Roly-Polys around you. It's easy to guess what is your mission. However, it's not that easy as you may think. First, these are unbreakable bricks that can ruin your plans; second, these are moving objects preventing you from shooting the goal and next you are to be careful with your powerful weapons because there can be peaceful Roly-Polys.
Roly-Poly Cannon 2 game is a combination of a puzzle game, shooting game seasoned with elements of arcade games. So instead of blindly shooting your enemies, you should have a keen eye to find a weak point of the constructions and a steady hand to hit the target. Do you think you have both?
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