The Pet is catapulted into the platform world, the more power you use the farther it`ll fly. With rockets on feet, this little pet is a good jumper. Press space bar or mouse click to jump. Collect paws, coins and rocket packs on the way forward. Paws will reveal new worlds, coins can be used for upgrades and rocket packs are needed for jumping. Avoid overheating, there is a jetpack temperature mark to remind you about. There are `Did you know?` messages with hints to help you complete the levels successfully.
The era of Super Mario game has gone but the idea never fades. Rocket Pets is an adventure game with a funny Pokemon Pet as the player character. As in platform flash games, it jumps and walks across the platforms, picks up coins or other objects and avoids enemies, in this case these are missiles and spikes. No boring while walking around! You should be on a constant watch out for bad rockets and obstacles on your way. Catchy music adds some drive and enthusiasm so when you fail the level you will want to take revenge. Thus if you are looking for an action game to enjoy, this is the one to try.
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