Renegade racing

Use arrow keys or WASD keys for control: UP/W is for acceleration, DOWN/S is for the breaks, spacebar/X is for a jump, LEFT and RIGHT/A and D keys are for forward and backward tilts respectively. Each level has two missions: the first one is to complete the race in a certain place in order to unlock the next level, the second one is to do certain tasks while driving like to collect coins, or hit cones, or break the glass, etc. in order to be awarded with a pretty sum of money. Use it to upgrade your vehicle. The better your vehicle is the more chance you have to deliver both missions. Enjoy your fast drive!
Is there the road where you are not obliged to follow driving regulations? Where you can drive as fast as you can and still be safe? If you find it in real life, let us know meanwhile we recommend you an alternative - Renegate Racing! This is an action game where you are to compete for fame, neglect your usual driving regulations (hooray!) and enjoy numerous spins you can make during the race. Once you try to make your own list of top 5 browser racing games, do add Renegate Racing there. Races are fast, levels are nuts, control is quite tough and landscapes are manifold so you won`t be boring at all. If you like this game, you can also try Earn to Die racing game but with more zombie-like design.
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