Move the mouse to adjust a shot power and to take aim. Mouseclick to make a shot. There is a `life indicator` above each sniper`s head, it means a weak shot won`t kill the enemy at once but make a little damage. After each level you are awarded with certain amount of gold coins, use them to upgrade your gun and raft. Each level is getting harder, the enemies are numerous while you`ve got only two snipers. Be quick and neat!
If you are looking for a Shoot Em Up game with little violence and no blood, then look no more. Raft Wars series (Raft Wars 1 and Raft Wars 2) are to entertain you as well as to help practice your accurate eye skills. A bit childish design makes it good for kids, but there is also a logic element that makes it perfect for adults, too. Raft Wars 2 is a shooting game with a noble dueling element, meaning you and your enemies take turns shooting each other. One shoot at a time, no surprise factor, the only surprise is to find out whether you succeed to fetch down your enemy or not. The competitors are various from security guards to shrimps, but let it not addle you - all of them are pros. By the way, you can`t see a target when making a shot, you are shown it for a moment to help you take an accurate aim at. It`s quite difficult to calculate the distance and shot power. This is where you need to bring together all your skills to make it. Raft Wars 2 is a 1 player game, so you won`t be able to face off with your kid, sibling or friend. Dynamic Lenka-style music adds some excitement to this action game. You can also try more adventure games from Bubblebox such as Frogout and Cover Orange, too exciting to ignore.
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