Arrows or WASD to move, Up/W to jump, Down/S to use Changers or lower the camera. Avoid running into enemies or falling into bottomless pits. Find the trophy in each level to advance to the next. Wait a moment next to keys, doors or bridges for a hint on how to proceed. Ghosted keys cannot be picked up until you use the required Changer. Try completing levels faster to get your best Game Time. Getting hurt adds 10 seconds to the clock so watch out!
Master the worlds of Nature, Science and Mysticism and discover the meaning of the Paradox in this huge puzzle platformer. Watch out for roaming demons and mech bugs while you navigate the dynamic levels and uncover the purpose of the mysterious Changers. Try to figure out why things are never quite what you remember them being and use this knowledge to make your way through the world and confront the shadowy figure that keeps you from unlocking your full potential. Created by EntropicOrder, Zeebarf and Caulder Bradford.
File Size:
5.03 MB - support any browsers (online flash game), may need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Information on the Rights of the game listed in the game
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