There is an in-game tutorial to help you make progress. Click on the objects and reject them. There are obstacles on Franken-Stitch`s way to his body, so alongside click moves you`ll need your logic skills. There are 72 exciting levels, 30 collectibles, 10 interactive objects and 5 different worlds. Since this is a downloadable game there are some requirements to your PC: 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB hard drive space and Windows XP.
It`s not a usual thing when someone literally loses his head, but Lost Head from Alawar makes it possible. Strange as it may seam at first sight, the game is very funny and cute. The main character in this 1-player game is a green perky boy named Franken-Stitch. His head is rolling in each level of this physics game and your task is to make it get its target - the body. As in majority puzzle games, each next level is harder than the previous one, so every time this is a challenge to solve it. Lost Head is a hit on the iPhone and iPad, so don`t let it pass you by, download it now and have fun.
This shareware game is provided by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. The terms of distribution and license agreement can be found here.
The game only supports the operating systems Windows. When installing the game will offer you to install to your browser home page - alawar.com, but you can choose not to do this, simply remove this checkbox.
System requirements : Windows XP or later / 1 GHz processor / 1 GB RAM / 200 MB hard drive space / 1024x768 screen resolution
File Size:
28.08 MB - support Windows OS
Download game - Lost Head - 28.08 MB
Downloading the game you agree to the license agreement

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