There are four types of towers in the game: archer tower, dwarven bombard, mages and barracks. Place them along the way to prevent enemies from crossing a finish line. Use Rain of Fire and Call Reinforcement as additional assistance. Earn gold by killing enemies and use it for upgrading the towers. Keep in mind, the enemies are various and can be resistant to a certain type of armor. Each time there is a new type of enemy you are notified about that as well as given a tip. Once you forget something, there is an Encyclopedia on hand. Have a good war!
Kingdom Rush is undoubtedly the best tower defense game at the moment. In fact, it`s bond to be so since Armor Games is the creator. Gorgeous graphics, amazing sound effects and immersive gameplay will keep you playing for a long time. The levels are numerous and various to bring you ultimate satisfaction. There is one unique feature not typical for fighting games of this time - barracks. While there are towers to kill the foes there are also warriors to hold back them on the way and defeat in a close combat while the towers inflict fire damage. Destruction and nothing else! You can also play Rocket Pets, Defend Your Nuts 2, Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944 by Armor Games.
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