Infiltrating the Airship

Once you offered the choices, mouse click on the proper one, or the most crazy one because sometimes the crazy one is the proper one. There are four different endings depending on what strategy you choose. It means, when you finish the game you can start it again and play different ways. There are 60 unique fails to find, so keep going.
Are you ready for absolutely amazing and at the same time weird puzzle game? "Puzzle" is actually the right word for it since you'll be really puzzled with the choices offered and with the ways how they work out. This is the game of unpredictable logic, so it's not quite that logic game that most players expect it to be. This is the Infiltrating the Airship game with Henry stickman as the main character. Infiltrating the Airship is a hilarious sequel to Breaking the Bank and Escaping the Prison flash games. Again Henry stickman needs your help, this time he's on the airship. Well, if you have ever played these prequels you know that Henry is not a candy guy. This time he's got a chance to undo the wrong that he had done before by assisting the government in capturing a gang of international thieves. Not an easy task for a stickman, isn't it? Infiltrating the Airship is more like a mixture of a funny puzzle game and animation. A driving combination! The remarks are hilarious resembling a gangster movie. Find some time to start the game and it'll captivate you in a couple of minutes. Please, be patient with the load time, it`s worth it!
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