Use a mouse to stick out a tongue and a space bar to jump. You can either use a tongue for moving objects off your way or to stick it in order to walk. Your task is to eat all flies you find in the level. Be quick, otherwise they will bite off your scores.
Devastation all around: rusty tanks, withered trees, disgusting bog and mutant flies. They are your target, you are to eat them! Oh, you are a frog by the way. Frogout is a funny if not funky puzzle game with futuristic-realistic gameplay. Sound effects like croaking, buzzing, gurgling and many more add up to game thrill. Sounds sticky interesting, don't you find? Possessing a not very eco-friendly design Frogout is still a very engrossing adventure game. Apart from simply eating monstrous flies (they are biting by the way) you are to collect coins and guess how to get to another piece of land. This funny frog is charged with an important mission: to find people who managed to survive in that cruel world. It would be a mistake to think that Frogout is a mere time killer, it was created for intelligent players who are capable enough of playing physics games. No more words, better have some practice and fun, do try this arcade game!
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