Move a cursor to control the fish. Once you reach a human being - bite it to drink as much blood as you need to complete the level. Control your air level, don`t forget you are a fish here. Liters of blood your fish harvests serve for the currency in this game which you can use for upgrades like to get more fish, or increase the size of fins or biting speed.
The bloody reputation of piranha is known to anyone but this is not only the Amazon river that is piranha-infested. There is also Feed Us 5 blood game that is pretty gory but still popular. Feed Us 5 is not a common fish game where you are to kill a fish, on the contrary you are here in a role of a killer fish chasing a prey - people. Your task is to get them at any cost: either breaking the walls or sinking the boat. Mind some boats, not all of them are easy to break. Aggressive as this piranha is, it easily turns into a powerful killing tool under your mouse control. Feed Us 5 is the latest among Feed Us series with much smoother graphics, better visual effects and perfect detalization, actually too naturalistic, so it`s not recommended for kids. The peculiar feature of Feed Us 5 adventure game is that this is a hooking quest with the whole world in front of you, what can`t be said about prequels where a fish had to be stuck in one place. Really horror game =).
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