Move the mouse to aim at the enemies and adjust a shot power. Click numbers to change the weapon. Once a monster is killed, hover the mouse to collect your loot which is to help you upgrade your weapon and helpers. There is the tip: try to kill ninja monsters armed with throwing stars that can damage the defensive wall from a distance. Other creatures have to come up to the wall to break it. You will have enough time to kill them while ninjas don`t stop throwing shurikens.
The best war games are created by Armor Games, would you doubt that fact? Defend Your Nuts 2 game, which is rather an improved version of Defend Your Nuts than its sequel, is just a proof. But while Warfare 1917 or Warfare 1944, other great games ever created by Armor Games, evoke combative feelings by their names only, Defend Your Nuts 2 sounds a bit naive. It gives a wrong impression, there is a fearful struggle game with bloody battles for life and death behind the curtains. You are going to be an angry squirrel having a nut mania. You are to protect the nuts from other nut-obsessed creatures which are quite ugly: zombies, bees, minotaurs, skeletons, servant of deaths, etc. Like in any shooting game, there is a wide array of weapons at your disposal. But you are not an alone soldier here, you will get helpers. This is going to be a cruel fighting game, are you ready?
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