Use your mouse to play the game. Choose among two modes: normal and hard. Hard is really challenging! Two tribes are conquering the territory. There are tree types of quarters: dwellings, mines and towers. Dwellings are the only places where the population increases, it doesn`t in mines and towers. However, towers can shoot, in this case you will defeat your enemies quite fast. Mines produce cavalry that moves faster than infantry. Like in real life there are natural disasters such as tornado and lightning bringing damage all around. There are also Giant monsters you are to fight with. These and more you will experience while playing this logic game. Do not forget, the outcome of the battle depends on your strategy!
`Life is a game that one play according to the rules` is not simply a quote of a known writer but the law that applies to various life spheres including a gaming segment. Strategy games occupy a special place among games of other genres. Why? Because they carry you away into a parallel world with its laws and nations, sometimes fantastic sometimes close to real one. Civilizations Wars is one of those strategy games you shouldn`t miss. From first seconds you are immersed in the atmosphere of game which is better to describe like `life after death`. The story is the following: people got too much knowledge that turned into a destructive force against mankind. But time passed and people started to emerge here and there. They arranged in tribes in search of the greatest of all powers. You are supposed to be responsible for one of the tribes to conquer your neighbors. A few words to add: the colors are bright, sounds of eagles are natural, tribal dialects are undecipherable, territory is deserted - what else do you need for strategy war games? Probably some free time to play it!
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