Building Blaster

The instructions are quite easy to comprehend: there are three sets of explosives at your disposal, they are different in amount and thus in explosive power. Use this to properly distribute the explosive force. Use a mouse to drag them to desired area. Also there is a timer, you should press '-' or '+' to set it. Of course, you can blow everything up at once but then you won't be an 'accurate' exploder to beat the goal. There are obstructions that make this action online game more captivating. It would be too easy and uninteresting for you to simply click the mouse as a detonator, wouldn't it? With this there are red buildings you shouldn't touch when blasting, so it's really hard to control falling debris. There are tree buttons below - reset, detonate, menu - use them when needed.
Addicting fun is the perfect description for Building Blaster. Once you start and fail it (believe me, you will), you'll want to try it again and again. The main plus is that if you fail the level you can retry it without starting everything from the very beginning. The first four levels are very easy intended to warm you up before real odds. On the one hand, they are aimed to make the game more fascinating, but on the other to train your nerves. There are red objects you shouldn't touch when blowing up the constructions otherwise you won't get enough points to open the next level. This Action game is indeed entertaining with simple graphics, which is not the main point here. Most of Action games implies, well, action but Building Blaster is not a usual one - be patient and tactical. It's better to start playing instead of speaking about this fun. Set your own records!
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