Follow in-game instructions to play the game. There are tutorial control and tutorial interface with detailed information on playing techniques. Enter a battle and defeat your enemies. Obtain bonuses for each successfully completed mission and use them to upgrade the plane. Once you start the game, you may find that a leaning curve is a bit steep, but a little bit of practice will turn you into an ace pilot. Good luck! BubbleBox.com
Whistle of the missiles is heard all around followed by the series of explosions and mixed with the humming noise of the bombers - this is war, baby! Though on screen, the battles of Bomber at War fighting game look and sound like real. Want to be in the thick of it? Play this shooting game right now! This is a brilliant game for those who enjoy bombing-based games. The sounds are very good and the graphics is decent for this kind of game. There are 20 fighting levels with various cockpits so you won't be boring of bombing, maneuvering and shooting all the time. There are specified targets that should be destroyed like planes, stations, battleships and so on. War is war, so don`t get caught in the crossfire. Cheer up, pilot! With a bit of practice and ardent desire you'll deliver you mission in this excellent plane game.
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