First off, you are offered to play as a guest or register. Since the game is quite involving you may want to continue it, so it`s better to register to have the results saved. Choose the tracks, a difficulty option and start playing. Your task is to pop balloons. For each balloon you are paid some monkey money. Use them to buy various shooting/freezing/bombing tools and place them along the track. Place wisely since you are not allowed to replace them. It`s getting harder to pop the balloons because they are being upgraded in the course of the game. Don`t give up, your tools are getting more powerful as well. Keep on shooting!
Bloons TD5 is a cartoonish balloonish game where there are myriads of balloons of different colors and properties which you are to destroy. With darts/bombs/rifle in hands it`s actually not so difficult but what if there are so very many balloons that are hard to hit? Then you would need some assistance which is in abundance here. Keep on playing to unlock access to upgraded tools in order to destroy most tricky balloons. If you ever played Sky Fortress, another great Tower defense game, then you will like Bloons TD5, too. However, Bloons TD5 is much more colorful and bright so that even the kids will like it. But since this is a strategy game you will have to rack your brains to win it especially on advanced level. Have a nice popping!
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