Instructions are as easy as pie: you've got 5 different ships which you are to place onto the gameboard wherever you like. Click on one to select and place it. Be careful, there is no a 'replace' option, thus you should better think beforehand about most beneficial position for each ship. Turn the ship by using left and right arrow keys. Once all of them are deployed the game will start. You go first. Move a cursor, which is by the way a bit obscure, to annihilate enemy's fleet. Good luck!
Battleship game is indeed world-old and there is hardly a person who never played it at least once in their lives. But if you are an exception who didn't have a chance to destroy enemy's fleet before, it's just the time to join the ranks of Battleship game's fans. Your opponent here is the computer, but you shouldn't underestimate its power. This is quite a hard rival due to which this well-known strategy game turns into an addicting fun. Each time it chooses different tactic of ships deployment so it can be very tricky to guess where the ships are placed this time. The great thing about this game is its close to natural sounds and effects. First, there are splashes accompanying your each shot or sounds of explosion once you hit the enemy's ship. Second, there are different types of ships just like in real life. In case you are not up on all those ship types there is a chance for you to know at least some basics about them. Next, there is an assistant soldier with computer-like voice who is rather encouraging every time you hit the target. All these create particular battleship-like atmosphere of the game so appealing that is hard to resist.
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