Mouse issues orders. Click an open tile in range to move there, or click an enemy unit in range to move next to it and attack. Arrow keys scroll and control key selects next available unit.
Advance Wars is one of the best strategy games out there. I really enjoyed playing through each of the series but have always found that there were several things that bothered me about the gameplay. Inspired by Advance Wars, I set out to build a turn-based strategy game that addressed those gameplay issues and Battalion: Nemesis is the result. If you`ve played Advance Wars, you`ll notice that Nemesis encourages riskier and more aggressive tactics. Many of the units have special bonuses for attacking and recovering from a successful assault is easier with the repair-anywhere system. Naval invasions are as easy as a few clicks, and the result is some really intense battles with the wide array of specialized units. Actions are quicker, mistakes are less painful, but having a solid tactical plan is still the key to success. If you??ôve never played Advance Wars, then you??ôre missing out on some of the best turn based strategy goodness available. If you like Nemesis, you need to go to your local video game store and pick any of the Advance Wars games as they are required gaming for strategy fans.
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