Baloon Pair Touching

Use the mouse to click on the cards to turn a pair of cards face up. Try to find a matching pair. You are shown all the cards at the beginning of the game. Try to remember how there are laid. You have unlimited number of tries. No hints, train your brain.
Balloon Pair Touching is just another entertaining and funny kids game from Swebie. It resembles a common memory game with cards, but here you should remember the colors instead of the pictures. This is an easy to play game, so everyone from a kid to an adult can get fun playing it. The number of cards grow with each level. So if you are smart enough and have a good memory it won`t be a hard task for you to match the pairs. But there is one thing that makes it difficult: similar colors that turn this easy game into a challenge. Blue, light blue, violet - all of them seem equal when playing. Prove you are a pro in playing puzzle games!
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