Use the mouse to move the parts in order to build a means of transportation for a piggie. If you are a bad mechanic, it`s going to be a bit difficult for you to guess how it works. There is the finish line that the piggie must cross no matter how. Keep in mind, there is no the only one right solution, everything depends on your skills and fantasy.
Bad Piggies is a thrilling, incredibly fascinating physics game. This is not Angry Birds spin-off as the majority may think, their gameplays are dramatically different though the idea of bad pigs was surely taken from its predecessor Angry Birds, the most popular puzzle games so far. This is an awesome game to add to your personal collection. You can have it as a part of your iOS games to kill time when you are on the go and at the same time to rack your brains. There is much sense behind funny gameplay. Being a game on physics, this is also a logic game where you are to think over the next step. While in Angry Birds piggies were really bad, here they are quite funny and smiling all teeth once the level is won.
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2.29 MB - support any browsers (online flash game), may need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Information on the Rights of the game listed in the game
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