There is a catapult with birds instead of shells. Use your mouse to pull the string and hit the target. You will find that the birds are of various colors each possessing peculiar features. For more detailed information concerning instructions see Angry Birds Rio instructions.
Angry Birds fly high! High above all other games just to reach the top list of most popular games over the last few years. Unbelievably, but comical characters and hooking gameplay won the hearts of many players from kids to grandparents. Once you press the Play button you will turn into another Angry Birds buff, so there is a great risk this is going to be your favorite game. It is not so surprising to find out what makes this game so special. First, this is an Action game, the genre that is very popular so far. Second, it can be referred to Puzzle games as it demands some savvy for you to guess how to hit the target most effectively and there are very many people loving puzzle games, too. Next, strange it may sound but Angry Birds is an example, though not classic, of physics games, which in turn are so attractive for intelligent players. This exotic cocktail of various genres plus vibrant funny birds themselves make this game so powerfully engrossing. You can be angry with your kids or husband for killing time playing flash games online, but not for playing Angry Birds. Bet you will enlarge the army of Angry Birds game's fans once you try it.
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