The space button is the only button you need. Press it to catapult an alien. However you have to choose the most beneficial position for catapulting to make your hero get to TNT barrels that will blow you to the skies or to a trampoline for more bouncing. There are mud paddles, monsters and spikes on your way that you are to avoid. This is the game of one move but a serious one. The outcome of the game depends on it. Good luck!
Dreaming of a relaxation by playing a game after a hard working day? But it could be that the day was too hard and tiresome so that you would like to be a lazy player making minimum moves and efforts. It`s known though that most of the games like strategies or shooting games do demand some skills and concentration that you may be not about to perform, but there is one game that doesn`t - Alien Bounce game!
This is an unpretentious miscellanious game where you have to make only one move. There are no shooting scens or special effects of action games but it can be rather involving to calculate when you are to fire the catapult to make an alien bounce far away. Funny sounds add to the game but there is one disadvantage - you can`t control your alien once you made it move. You can`t assist it in moving further though you will find you really want it to especially when it is an inch away from a TNT barrel.
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