4 Wheel Madness

Use arrow keys to drive the truck: Up and Down keys move it forward and back respectively, Right and Left keys should be used to lean the car. Don`t be in a hurry, have a bit of practice to find feet. There is a `Try Again` option after each level, so in case you fail it you will always have a second chance with no need to start if from the very beginning. Once you need a break, you can press `P` button for a pause.
The profession of tightrope walker is rather dangerous, one unwise move can cost a life. Indeed, it`s really hard to maintain balance while performing stunts under the big top, but it`s no less difficult to balance on the ground when you are a driver of a Bigfoot car! 4 Wheel Madness game is indeed mad! Here you can be a crazy driver crashing all cars on your way to finish, no need to be a cautious driver. This action game can hardly be called a mere time killer, it will need some skills and concentration otherwise it will cost you a life. Luckily, you have plenty of them here! You can retry a level as many times as you wish, so in the end you are going to be a skillful truck driver, aren`t you?
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