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5X Man game

5X Man

Your five man squad has to make it out of this place, while collecting the gold. Dispatch one man at a time, holding switches to keep the team...

Aqua Slug game

Aqua Slug

Like Metal Slug with a supersoaker. Ever see those annoying little brats at the beach? Nows your chance to take it out on them. Make em cry!

Barnville Massacre game

Barnville Massacre

Farmers should be spending their days milking cows and chewing hay. Not shooting mutant chickens! Fortunately, there`s a sweet gun store to handle...

Mile High Club game

Mile High Club

Get your mind out of the gutter. This has nothing to do with the airplane thing. This is a game of golf played amongst the clouds, thats it.

Skillball game


Let`s kick it old school, shall we? Bounce balls to crumble blocky walls. Gather powerups as they rain down; manage multiple balls and generally...

Ultimate Defense 2 game

Ultimate Defense 2

Unleash archers, ninjas and dragons! Defend your territory from creeping baddies with potent power players!

Urban Slug game

Urban Slug

This is another Metal Slug scroller. Im not sure what makes it Urban, though. They dont seem to be in a city, going shopping, to nightclubs or...

Worms Level 1 game

Worms Level 1

Youre a worm in the sewer with a gun, a sword, and really bad techno music. Coming after you are bats and zombie worms. Yes, I said zombie worms.

Sleepless Knight game

Sleepless Knight

Follow Knight Lucy in her dangerous quest to rescue a kidnapped princess in this platforming adventure game.

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Popcorn Feast game

Popcorn Feast

In the fair you own the famous popcorn stall. The customers purchase more popcorn compared to other stalls. The jealousy neighboring stall owners...

Bomber at War game

Bomber at War

Whistle of the missiles is heard all around followed by the series of explosions and mixed with the humming noise of the bombers - this is war,...

Beiber Cool Stills Puzzle game

Beiber Cool Stills Puzzle

You have some four breathtaking stills of the ever cute Justin Beiber. But wait, you have to earn your glimpse of them all. Challenge the fast...

Kingdom Rush game

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is undoubtedly the best tower defense game at the moment. In fact, it`s bond to be so since Armor Games is the creator. Gorgeous...

Infiltrating the Airship game

Infiltrating the Airship

Are you ready for absolutely amazing and at the same time weird puzzle game? "Puzzle" is actually the right word for it since you'll be really...

Rocket Pets game

Rocket Pets

The era of Super Mario game has gone but the idea never fades. Rocket Pets is an adventure game with a funny Pokemon Pet as the player character....

Crazy Nut game

Crazy Nut

Hold down the spacebar and see how high you can get. You can also play this game and see what kind of nutty noises this little ball makes. Do you...

Disaster Will Strike 2 game

Disaster Will Strike 2

Which came first: the bird or the egg? Like there were Angry Birds now there are angry eggs to follow. You will find them in Disaster Will Strike 2...

Cover Orange 3 game

Cover Orange 3

A puzzle game is not simply a funny entertainment to kill your time. This is a kind of a training simulator to help improve your logic, physics,...

Natural Selection game

Natural Selection

Those who enjoy slinging around like in Sling puzzle game or in iconic Teeworlds game will like another slinging skill entertainment by Bored known...

Sky Fortress game

Sky Fortress

There is a "How to Play" section where you can read the instructions, however with this game practice is the best teacher. It`s rather hard to...

Frogout game


Devastation all around: rusty tanks, withered trees, disgusting bog and mutant flies. They are your target, you are to eat them! Oh, you are a frog...

Earn to Die 2012 game

Earn to Die 2012

At first glance this is a scary action game full of zombies that are getting uglier and bigger with each next level. Unbelievably, but once you try...

Stick Bang game

Stick Bang

Stick Bang game is a war game where there are two Giant Sticks fighting with each other, but if a war can be considered as a "good thing" it could...

Roly Poly eliminator game

Roly Poly eliminator

Roly-Poly Eliminator as well as other Roly-Poly games belong to the physics puzzle series but unlike Roly-Poly Cannon 2 there you should remove...

Renegade racing game

Renegade racing

Is there the road where you are not obliged to follow driving regulations? Where you can drive as fast as you can and still be safe? If you find it...

Sling game


Slick and slimy but not a slug, green and bouncy but not a ball- what`s this then? A small funny creature from Sling puzzle game that can do...

Bloons TD 5 game

Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD5 is a cartoonish balloonish game where there are myriads of balloons of different colors and properties which you are to destroy. With...

Sandcastle ancient invasion game

Sandcastle ancient invasion

Ancient Invasion was created by Armor games known for their incredible shooter games Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944. So if you ever played those two...

Warzone Tower Defense Extended game

Warzone Tower Defense Extended

Welcome to Warzone, another tower defense game which is not less interesting than Sky Fortress and Bloons TD 5. As any strategy game, it demands...

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 game

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

This is a number one office game to buck you up a bit during your office routine. Have a break and have some fun playing this absorbing tower...

Sticky Blobs game

Sticky Blobs

Have you ever eaten Sticky Blobs cookies? Sticky or not but absolutely tasty, what can`t be said about Sticky Blobs flash game online, which is...

Defend Your Nuts 2 game

Defend Your Nuts 2

The best war games are created by Armor Games, would you doubt that fact? Defend Your Nuts 2 game, which is rather an improved version of Defend...

Raft wars 2 game

Raft wars 2

If you are looking for a Shoot Em Up game with little violence and no blood, then look no more. Raft Wars series (Raft Wars 1 and Raft Wars 2) are...

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